M4 Marketing

M4 Marketing is a B2B high tech and cloud sales and marketing consulting company based in the UK and Ireland. We serve customers across the IT space, especially software, cloud, Paas/SaaS, managed services, analytics, and ecommerce marketplace providers. We’ve also worked with appliance and network providers and ad agencies.

Principal of M4 Marketing

Paul Dilger is Principal of M4 Marketing. Paul is a 25-year veteran of sales, marketing and sales enablement. A graduate of Cambridge University with a North American MBA in Marketing and International Business, Paul has a track record of sales and marketing leadership success with small, mid-sized and large enterprises.

Senior Associate Team

A mentor to software start-ups and an award-winning copywriter and communicator, Paul brings in other senior associate sales and marketing professionals to help with the workload and extend the M4 Marketing coverage.

Customer Projects